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CareClix is a leading virtual healthcare solution company that provides software applications coupled with medical services enabling patients to receive care anytime at anyplace. CareClix’s suite of services is revolutionizing the way hospitals, doctors, and clinical care providers can interact with an increasing number of patients.  CareClix Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Solei Systems Inc. (OTC: SOLI). 




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Provide Better Care
For Your Employees

Achieve Cost Savings for Your Employees


Many employers are beginning to incorporate virtual health plans into their benefits packages. Doing so saves time and money for both you and your employees, while also expanding access to quality healthcare. Continue reading below to learn how the CareClix platform can benefit you.

Exam Room

We can turn any office space into an on-site clinic. Using the CareClix Medical Cart, you can provide your employees with a safe location to receive medical consultations without leaving the office.

Health Care Integration

We’ll work hand-in-hand with your health plan provider to integrate CareClix telemedicine solutions into your company’s health plan, providing your employees with full access to the CareClix platform.

Customized Services

We can help tailor a telemedicine program for your company. Together, we'll help your employees boost their health and wellness, improve their quality of life, and save them valuable time and money.