CareClix Training & Implementation


With CareClix's Enterprise Training, you will be equipped with a suite of training services to get your organization and its patients up to speed with your powerful new telemedicine program. Below are the training services we provide:

User Training

We'll train your clinicians, nurses, and patients on the features and capabilities of the new medical devices and software that encompass your telemedicine program. Additional training will be supplemented with on-demand and live seminars for users who want to learn more.

Custom Training

We understand that not all telemedicine programs are built the same and our training material may not be a perfect fit. CareClix can work with your organization to create a customized training program that best fits both your specific needs and those of your network users.


CareClix Academy is an online training platform that provides scenario based pre-recorded web-based training courses. Our courses are designed with providers, patients, and business administrators in mind. We cover all the daily tasks and activities employees and patients conduct, as well as any questions they might have while using the CareClix Platform.


A Truly Customized Solution

​​Our experienced team of experts will work hand-in-hand with you to design a virtual health solution, tailored to your organization’s needs. ​​

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