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CareClix is a leading virtual healthcare solution company that provides software applications coupled with medical services enabling patients to receive care anytime at anyplace. CareClix’s suite of services is revolutionizing the way hospitals, doctors, and clinical care providers can interact with an increasing number of patients.  CareClix Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Solei Systems Inc. (OTC: SOLI). 




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Alexandria, VA 22314

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CareClix is the leading provider of telemedicine platforms, services, and solutions.

Founded in 2012, CareClix’s suite of telemedicine software and services is revolutionizing the way hospitals and clinical care providers interact with an increasing number of patients.

Who are we?

CareClix was founded by board certified practicing physicians. With over 25 years of combined medical knowledge in the practice of medicine and telemedicine research, the founders are committed to providing their patients with superior quality healthcare anywhere, at any time — leading to the formation of CareClix.

CareClix Named Top 17 Best Telemedicine Companies

Who We Serve

No matter who you are, CareClix has a solution for you. These are the customers we serve:

Health Systems

Elevate your health systems to the next level with the powerful CareClix platform – which allows you to deliver quality services across all areas of care.


We provide quality healthcare by connecting doctors to your wide array of unique patients located worldwide, ranging from office workers to military personnel.

Health Plans

We reduce medical costs for employers while also giving their customers and members better plans with access to the care they deserve.


With CareClix, employers can save costs by implementing telemedicine into their benefits packages, while also saving their employees time and giving them better access to care.


Expand your practices' quality and reach by caring for patients online through our personalized medicine platform, branded for your organization.


We provide you with access to all the benefits of virtual health. CareClix gives you the ability to expand your reach while also increasing the number of patients you can see.


With more organizations looking to implement their own personalized medicine programs, CareClix will work with you to offer your clients a proven platform from a leader in the industry.​

Correctional Care

We built a tailored version of our telemedicine suite, designed to improve patient outcomes while tackling the challenges of correctional facility healthcare management.

What We Do?

CareClix, founded in 2012, is a company centered around providing software services in the rapidly growing industry of virtual health. We've developed a suite of telemedicine technologies and services that are revolutionizing the way hospitals and clinical care settings operate by increasing the number of patients that doctors and caregivers can interact with.


CareClix’s platform is one of the most comprehensive in the market today and can easily be tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization.


CareClix is more than just a software company. We provide services catered just for you in order to help you start your telemedicine program.


Our platform and services are designed to work in tandem. We create dynamic telemedicine solutions that deliver outstanding patient outcomes. ​

Meet The Team

John Korangy

Co-Founder and CEO

Joshua Flood


Augusteen Cowan

Vice President of Sales

Greg Arms

Senior Advisor

Angela Glaze

Director of Recruiting and Telehealth

Charles Scott

Chief Sales Officer