Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is an essential feature within CareClix's platform that allows providers to remotely monitor patients and helps patients adhere to treatment after they leave a treatment facility.

Deliver outstanding patient outcomes:


Our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution comes with a variety of features, including:

Support for 200+ Devices
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We integrate with over 200+ medical devices that cover 10 key vital signs. This support allows you to expand your telemedicine program without having to buy new equipment, saving you money.

24/7 Patient Access Portal

RPM is great for your patients as well. CareClix provides them with an online patient portal so that they can log in at any time to view their records and medical standing, as well as communicate with their care provider.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Our Platform allows you to manage patients through a single, comprehensive dashboard. You can customize patient data, integrate their EHR, and run analytics tools to report on and assess patient data.


Improved access to care, decreased healthcare delivery costs, and greater patient independence are just a few reasons why hospitals and healthcare providers are relying on RPM solutions. Below are some unique benefits of CareClix’s RPM solution:

Increased Access
to Care

With the 24/7 patient access portal, clinicians can provide ongoing guidance & assessments for patients outside of in-office visits using digital tools to facilitate the analysis of patient generated health data.

Delivery Costs

By promoting patient engagement and self-care and reducing the number of patient readmissions, healthcare organizations and payers can greatly decrease their overall operational and delivery costs.


RPM devices quickly and securely transmit data to family caregivers and providers, allowing the proper individuals to intervene or adjust the course of treatment as necessary.

Reduced Readmission Rates

RPM allows healthcare providers to know exactly when patients need to be readmitted. This results in an overall drop in patient readmission penalties, saving the health system money.


Turnkey Solution

Using CareClix's Turnkey Solution Service, we can immediately offer:


Pre-configured devices ready for use
Durable cases for safety and transport
Easy to use touch screen controls
A completely untethered solution

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