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CareClix is a leading virtual healthcare solution company that provides software applications coupled with medical services enabling patients to receive care anytime at anyplace. CareClix’s suite of services is revolutionizing the way hospitals, doctors, and clinical care providers can interact with an increasing number of patients.  CareClix Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Solei Systems Inc. (OTC: SOLI). 




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Population Health Management

Based on Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines, CareClix’s Population Health Management solution allows you to manage and improve care for patients with multiple chronic conditions.


CareClix’s Chronic Care Management services include the following features to help create your own CCM program or integrate with an existing program.

Certified EHR

Our platform comes with the only certified EHR – built specifically for virtual health – that is required for key information, such as patient demographics, medications, and allergies.

Access to Care

With 24/7 access to care management services, your patients can access a physician or nurse at any time using secure messaging and video-conferencing technologies.

Care Plan

Our comprehensive, patient-centered care plan includes proven templates for proposed approaches, including our approaches to symptom management and treatment goals.

Managed Care

Patient care is managed through the use of patient need assessments, including medication reconciliation or reviews of follow-up appointments in the event of ER or hospital visits.


CareClix's comprehensive telemedicine solution is the best in the market. Our services are exactly what you need to create a top-of-the-line Chronic Care Management Program that best meets the needs of your organization and patients.

Support for 200+ Devices

CCM requires more than just phone calls and video conferences. We integrate with over 200+ devices, covering 10 key vital signs, to provide better patient care.

Integration with Top EHRs

We can provide you with an EHR or the necessary support to manage your existing solution. Our platform integrates with top EHRs - giving you immediate access to patient information.

Expansive Network

CareClix provides access to an international network of physicians, nurses, and specialists to help provide, augment, and manage your patients' care options.

Establish a Chronic Care Management Program

Whether you are looking to outsource or build your very own Chronic Care Program, CareClix has you covered every step along the way. Our experts will work with you to establish the four key steps of a Chronic Care Management Program.


CareClix will work with you to securely analyze your patient data to identify and target eligible patients likely to enroll in the program.

Educate & Consent

We will then provide you with materials to educate your patients and the forms necessary to enroll them into the program.


Consented patients will receive a welcome package and have an initial phone or video assessment for their medication reconciliation and any necessary training.

Manage Bill

Each month, patients will receive 20+ minutes of managed care based on their conditions. CareClix can even handle the billing and send you a check monthly.