ER Triaging

CareClix’s ER Triaging features allow healthcare providers to virtually connect patients with telemedicine triage specialists – allowing rapid routing to the right treatment and saving time for both patients and treatment facilities.

Modernize ER Triaging:


This CareClix-powered medical suite gives you the ability to do the following:

Remote Examinations

Leverage secure video-conferencing technology to remotely examine the patient with the help of on-site triage nurses.

Patient Routing

Triage via telemedicine can help physicians route patients to the correct care much faster and determine the urgency the patient’s condition(s).

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Real-Time Communications

CareClix’s platform includes real-time communications that provide doctors with immediate access to and updates on patient information.


Refined Analytics

CareClix’s platform has analyzed a multitude of patient data to help you direct your patients to the correct care at a faster rate.

Artificial Intelligence  ​

CareClix's platform provides an auxillary support tool for providers to be more efficient and access patient data when they need it



ER Triaging Process

ER Triaging is the process of routing patients to their correct destination when they call in with an emergency. The triaging process allows you more efficiently direct patients to the appropriate care, while freeing up valuable resources within your ER. The process is outlined below:


phone-call (2).svg
Step One: Patient Call In

The patient will either call or video-conference in with their concern or emergency.

exam (3).svg
Step Two: Evaluate

The doctor or nurse will immediately evaluate the patient's situation on the spot.

location (1).svg
Step Three: Destination

After evaluation, the patient will be routed seamlessly to the appropriate destination.

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